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Philosophy of Care
Polytrauma System of Care



Non-Medical Attendant (NMA) orders
Child Care

bullet Lodging
Lodging questions and inquiries should be directed to the PRC Social Work/Case Manager or admissions coordinator. He/she will be able to guide you to available options and make arrangements for family traveling during the course of rehab recovery.

Each PRC has a Fisher House available for family members. A Fisher House referral is initiated by the PRC SW/CM or admissions coordinator. Rooms are available to family members (one room per patient) of active duty service members and Veterans on a first come first served basis.

Lodging accommodation costs may need to be paid up front by family if lodging is not available at the PRC Fisher House. If your loved one is an active duty service member, arrangements may be made for reimbursement.

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bullet Meals
There are multiple dining options at each PRC-including a full service hospital canteen/cafeteria as well as nearby restaurants. Your PRC SW/CM can work with you to match your needs with available resources.

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bullet Non-Medical Attendant (NMA) orders
NMA orders may be available to active duty service members and should be discussed with the military liaison at the PRC. The liaison will work with your military command to complete all necessary paperwork to ensure that appropriate payment is received.

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bullet Transportation
There are a variety of transportation options available in the community of the PRC to which you will be transferring. Most commonly, these options are likely to be public transportation or private cabs. We recommend that you work with your PRC SW/CM to assist with any transportation needs, including child safety seats.

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bullet Child Care
Your PRC SW/CM can assist with identifying child care resources near your PRC. The cost of Child care is not funded by the VA. Documentation of immunizations is required and should be accessible when making arrangements.

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bullet Medevac (Military Evacuation) Flights
Medevac flights are arranged as needed, through significant coordination between your military case manager, VA liaisons and PRC admissions coordinator. If you are traveling to the Richmond PRC from WRAMC or Bethesda NNMC, your transportation will be coordinated by ambulance. For transportation to all other PRCs, a Medevac flight will need to be arranged. The paperwork for this flight will be submitted once the patient has been accepted by the PRC. Your family will be asked to designate a NMA if you wish someone to accompany the patient on the flight. The NMA needs to be 21 years in age although exceptions have been made for spouses under 21.

It is not possible to predict the day that your family member will fly due to the real world mission of the Medevac system. It is not a “first come, first serve” system but a needs based, priority of care system operated by the Air Force. A rule of thumb is that you will know when the LNO (Liaison Nursing Officer) rounds at the MTF to assess the patient. This generally happens the day before flying.

Some general recommendations for the flight are one suitcase and one carry on for the patient and for the NMA. Wear warm clothes as the planes are often cold. You will have ambulance bus transportation to Andrews Air Force base in Clinton, Maryland the day of your flight. You will usually leave the MTF early in the morning (0500-0700). You will receive breakfast at Andrew’s Air Force base and a box lunch will be provided for the flight. It is advisable to bring snacks since the plane might not go directly to your PRC. It is even possible to spend the night somewhere before arriving at your final destination. Someone from your accepting PRC will be there to meet your flight and you will again be transported by ambulance to your final destination.

If you have any questions relating your transportation to the PRC, talk to your VA liaison or the PRC admissions coordinator. They will plan to update you as they receive information in preparation for your travel.

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